What Love Weighs [With Nita Vera]
Civilization: Trickery
Civilization: The Plot
Civilization: La fleur au fusil
Oi Suomi, katso, sinun päiväs koittaa
The gaze of the Other
Untitled (After Kentridge's Six Drawing Lessons)
An artist
Dialogue With Aliens (After Kippenberger)
Bewary of pictures
Civilization: Kulturkampf
Civilization: Domovinski Rat [Homeland war)
Ebb and Flow
On the Shortness of Life
Sense of strangeness
About Eros and Tanatos
They Are
10 käskyä kotouttamiseen
This is not an art work
Free like a bird
History repeats itself
Me and my shadows
Photographs 1976-1991
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