September 11
The raw, the cooked and the Like in progress...
Portraits and Monuments
The inherited
[Sometimes I feel so] Uninspired:
What Love Weighs [With Nita Vera]
Reflections: case IV -Trickery
Reflections: case V -The Plot
Reflections: case I –Landscape,
Oi Suomi, katso, sinun päiväs
The gaze of the Other,
Six Drawing Lessons
Artist can survive
Dialogue With Aliens
Beware of pictures
Reflections: case II -Looking back,
Reflections: case III -Domovinski Rat
Ebb and Flow
On the Shortness of Life
Vocabulary in a certain way
Representation of an activity
“A worrying strangeness”
About Eros and Thanatos
Celebrating Africa
A stranger in Paris
They are... dreaming
They Are... coming
The Are... the people
Ten Commandments of Integration
This is not an art work
Free like a bird
History repeats itself
Everyone knows it already
Me and my shadows
Photographs 1976-1991
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